Differences Between Public And Catholic Schools

Posted on: 16 June 2019


If your child has gone to public school and you have decided to enroll them in Catholic school for their next year, then you want to do what you can to make the transition as easy as possible. When you properly prepare your child for the differences they may experience when they go to a Catholic school, you can make the switch easier on them. Here are some of the differences that you should go over with your child before they attend that first day at their new Catholic school.

Prayer plays a huge roll in Catholic schools

In public schools, prayer is not only not a part of the daily schedule, but it is also something that is not appreciated on the school grounds. While some teachers in a public school may not care if a student prays, there are other teachers that may tell the student to pray someplace private or to do it at home. At a Catholic school, not only is prayer encouraged, but it is often a part of the daily routine.

Students will already share a common interest

When a student attends public school, they will be around a lot of different people from many walks of life. This can make it more difficult for them to find friends that share their religious beliefs and that take their religion serious. At Catholic schools, the students will be able to meet a lot of other students that share their same religion and that take it as seriously as they do. This makes it easier for the students to make solid friendships.

Holidays are celebrated

One of the things that students miss out on when they attend a public school is being able to celebrate certain holidays that are religious in nature. Celebrating certain holidays, such as Christmas and Easter can be a lot of fun in the school setting.

When students attend a Catholic school, they will be allowed to celebrate these holidays in the way they are intended with their friends and teachers. The students will be able to refer to Christmas as a celebration about the birth of Jesus and call it "Christmas time", instead of being prompted to refer to this time of the year as "Happy Holidays". There may be plays and other fun activities done to celebrate these holidays in a way public schools don't allow.


If you are Catholic, then you more than likely want your child to be learning in an environment that helps them learn more about their religion and where the religion is catered to and celebrated. Enrolling your child in Catholic school is a great way to ensure these things are offered to your child. If you decide to enroll them in Catholic school, you want to begin by choosing the right one and filling out the application for enrollment. For more information, reach out to schools like PENINSULA CATHOLIC.